payment options
Digital Insite is a C.O.D. business and accepts payment for goods and services in the form of Cash, Cheque, EFTpos and Credit Card (Visa/Master Card/Diners*/American Express*). Our mobile payment system also accepts all P.I.N. based debit and EFTpos cards. We can also process your account over the phone using your credit card during office hours.

Should you wish to pay via credit card, please notify your sales consultant of your credit card type to ensure it is supported by our payment system. Digital Insite may request additional ID such as a drivers license number when accepting personal cheques, please do not be offended as this is simply a security procedure our bank requests.

We can also provide a 7-day payment account to corporate and regular customers once our approval criterea has been met (7 day accounts are not available to first time customers). Please contact us for more information or if you wish to have a 7-day payment account setup for your business.

* American Express & Diners Club cards attract an additional 4% surcharge.